Consultants and M&V

SkySpark provides a business-transforming solution for consultants involved in energy analysis, commissioning, Monitoring & Verification and similar services. SkySpark enables these companies to automate significant portions of the work they have historically done with extensive manual effort.

No more manually managing data and clicking through excel sheets. Any KPI, analysis, data transformation, normalization calculation or rollup can become automatic in SkySpark. Energy analysis reports due tomorrow? No problem – once the data is loaded and the functions defined, they are continuously calculated and ready in SkySpark. And reports can be generated in Excel®,PDF, PNG, Google Sheets® and other formats.

We offer an application note entitled Applying SkySpark to Meet IPMVP Generally Accepted M&V Principles to help M&V professionals interpret IPMVP requirements and align them with SkySpark capabilities and feature sets.

SkySpark acts as a force multiplier allowing your engineering teams to do more projects and deliver more complete and comprehensive analysis and reports to your clients with less time and effort. With every project you do, and every rule or report you define your library builds. And that library is your Intellectual Property. It never comes back to SkyFoundry. These are just some of the reasons that in-house use by energy consulting firms is one of our fastest growing markets. This document focuses on the application of SkySpark for Energy Analysis, Commissioning and M&V

Learn more about the use of SkySpark for Energy Analysis, Commissioning and in M&V from the wide range of case studies shown below.

Case Studies