Profitable operations of indoor cultivation facilities require efficiency at every step. From the use of energy for lighting and control of environmental conditions, to the delivery of nutrients, water and use of labor. The common thread to all of these is data. Whether it be live data from sensors and control systems, or batch data recorded in work management tools or financial systems, it’s essential to be able to collect, manage, visualize, analyze and report your operational data.

SkySpark® Analytics software provides the features you need to optimize your cultivation processes and profit by providing you with the ability to:

Collect Data from Your Systems via a variety of built-in data acquisition connectors including: Bacnet IP, Modbus TCP, Obix, Haystack, SNMP, Sedona, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, CSV import (manual batch or automated), and a REST API.

Automatically Calculate the Key Performance Indicators you need to be able to track results against KPI’s relevant to your business. With SkySpark you can implement virtually any KPI that’s relevant to your business. Examples include:

  • Nutrients consumed per yield (lb. or kg)
  • Water consumed per yield (lb. or kg)
  • Revenue per yield (lb. or kg)
  • Yield (lb. or kg) per kWh of energy consumed
  • Man-hours per yield (lb. or kg)
  • Watts per sq. ft. or square meter

Automatically Perform Analytics to Identify Faults, Deviations, Anomalies, Trends and Correlations. SkySpark’s real power is its ability to automatically apply analytic rules and algorithms against your data to identify patterns that represent inefficiencies, deviations, anomalies and opportunities for improved performance. Analytic rules are fully programmable meaning that you can convert your deep domain knowledge into rules for your facility, your crop and your unique operating conditions.

The Result – Know How Your Cultivation Processes are Really Performing. SkySpark’s built-in visualization Apps automatically show data, patterns, correlations, KPI’s without requiring custom development. With SkySpark once your data is connected you are ready-to-go. For applications that require customized reports, SkySpark combines the efficiency of built-in ready-to-go Apps with the ability to create your own data presentations with our View Builder point and click tool. View Builder lets you create your own customized visualizations and turn those views into reports and for automated emailing.

Security and Privacy - SkyFoundry Never Has Your Data. SkySpark can be installed on-premise on your computer hardware inside your secure networks. SkySpark is sold as licensed software – install it on a local PC or server or host it in your own cloud. SkyFoundry never has your data – you are in control.

Completely Customizable for Your Unique Application Needs. SkySpark’s high-performance database and infinitely flexible analytics language provides results not possible with other tools. SkySpark can be used in a wide variety of applications with systems and crops of all types. It’s not tied to any one manufacturers sensors, controls or equipment systems. It can be easily applied to your unique facility and requirements.

With SkySpark you know how your processes, equipment systems, and devices are really operating and where and how you can improve performance. Find out more at this link:

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