Full Haystack Connect 2019 Program Revealed - ITS TIME TO REGISTER TO ATTEND!!

Posted by John Petze – Sat 6 Apr


The second round call for speakers for Haystack Connect has closed and we are excited to share the details of the full program with the SkyFoundry community. As you likely know, SkyFoundry is a founder and major contributor to the work of the Project Haystack organization.

Haystack Connect is known for the quality of its technical program and this year will raise the bar even further. It's the place where the industry leaders in the use of device and equipment data gather to network and share best practices in an open and collegial environment. Here is a quick overview of program highlights:

KEYNOTE Jim Fletcher, Strategy Partner, Momenta Partners Well You Didn’t Know What You Didn’t Know: Bringing Organization to the Data Chaos, to Derive Insight and Generate Actions - the capabilities and disruptions that a data-driven future will create.

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SkySpark is Winner of Control Trends Smart Buildings Analytic Platform of the Year

Posted by John Petze – Thu 7 Feb

We are excited to announce that SkySpark was the winner of this years Control Trends Award for Smart Buildings Analytic Platform of the Year.

Now in its 7th year, the Control Trends Awards recognize the people, companies and technologies leading the industry. The winners are chosen through a voting process that includes global smart building and HVAC contractors, consulting engineers, building owners, and distributors. This celebration of the best of the best in smart buildings people, products and companies culminated with the announcements of the winners at the fabulous Fox theater in Atlanta during the AHR event.

The team at SkyFoundry is honored to be chosen as the winner for the Control Trends Analytics award and wants to thank everyone that voted for us and our customers that have made SkySpark their choice for analytics. In 2016 SkySpark was the winner in Energy Saving Product of the Year category.

Find full details on this year's awards at this link

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SkyFoundry Insider January 2019 - Distributed Computing, Harbor Research, SkyPosium Recap

Posted by John Petze – Mon 7 Jan


We are excited to announce the January 2019 Insider newsletter. This issue focuses on SkySpark Everywhere, Compute at the Edge, Distributed Computing and the IoT. Introduced in 2017, SkySpark's distributed architecture features are enabling customers to implement projects would not have been possible or cost effective with cloud-only deployment. This issue of the Insider helps illuminate the challenges addressed, and the benefits provided, by applying SkySpark in a distributed computing architecture.

We are also excited to provide a summary of Harbor Research's most recent comments recognizing SkyFoundry as a Leading IoT Software Platform.

You will also find a recap of our 2018 SkyPosium events, a preview of Haystack Connect 2019, and finally, we have to mention that January 2019 marks SkyFoundry's 10th anniversary. Thanks to everyone that has made that possible. The data revolution is just getting started. We can't wait to see where the next decade takes us.

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SkyFoundry Recognized for IoT Platform in Latest Harbor Research Technology Insight

Posted by John Petze – Sat 8 Dec 2018

In their latest Technology Insight, THE PROMISE & PROGRESS of SMART SYSTEMS & IoT PLATFORMS, Harbor Research reviews the marketplace for IoT software platforms as part of their assessment on the state of the market. We are excited and honored for SkySpark to be recognized as a leader by Harbor.

Here is a quick excerpt from the report:

“A handful of startups are accelerating the pace of development, catching larger established rivals off-balance and threatening fundamental shifts.” SkyFoundry is recognized as one of these companies. They go on to say - “Their strategies reflect the increasing importance of the convergence of distributed computing with open information architectures; the combination of these capabilities is a fundamental requirement to effectively enable large scale collaboration networks and ecosystems. These players understand enabling completely fluid information, interoperating devices, people and systems requires a simple, flexible, and universal schema that will make information truly portable in both physical and information spaces.”

Performing analytics on equipment systems is the most visible end result provided by SkySpark and forms most people’s view of what SkySpark is all about. But the capabilities of the SkySpark Everywhere platform go far deeper. The layers of technology that make SkySpark‘s advanced analytics possible form a comprehensive end-to-end, distributed computing software platform for working with IoT devices and their data. From connecting to diverse devices over multiple industrial and IT communication protocols, normalizing multi-structured device data with a schema-less, high-speed database, visualizing data, and performing analytics to monitor device health and the performance of the end application, SkySpark provides a comprehensive end-to-end IoT architecture.

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SkyFoundry Announces Automated Data Replication for SkySpark Everywhere® Analytics-at-the-Edge

Posted by John Petze – Tue 13 Nov 2018

We are excited to announce that SkyFoundry introduced automated replication today at the opening of our SkyPosium 2018 User Conference in Denver, CO. The replication feature enables databases from distributed SkySpark nodes to be automatically replicated to a central server or cloud platform for backup and high availability data access.

SkySpark Everywhere addresses one of the key challenges in implementing next generation IoT applications, which is the ability to move advanced analytics to edge devices and connect those devices together in a unified, seamless distributed computing system that can scale to thousands of nodes, millions of points, and trillions of data samples.

The introduction of SkySpark Everywhere in 2017 changed the game for IoT data analytics by embracing the reality that the IoT is a distributed computing challenge. The addition of automated replication takes SkySpark’s analytics-at-the-Edge technology to the next level. SkySpark's powerful visualization tools automatically leverage replicated data to ensure full user access to replicated databases even when those systems cannot be communicated with. Replication is available in SkySpark version 3.0.17, which is being released immediately after the SkyPosium event.

Read the SkySpark Replication Press Release here

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Why Analytics at the Edge Matters – Read the November Automated Buildings Article

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Thu 1 Nov 2018

The EDGE is becoming one of those over-hyped words, but the concepts are actually very simple, and important to our industry – especially in the application of analytics to the IoT and equipment systems.

When we talk about analytics at the “edge” we are referring to performing data acquisition and analytics functions as close to the data source as possible. For example, running SkySpark analytics on small IoT devices mounted directly on equipment systems or embedded within equipment controllers. The ability to run analytics at the Edge provides important benefits for many applications.

  • Greater reliability of data collection and reduced data latency
  • Isolation of Fieldbus Networks
  • Reduced data transfer costs and better performance on “constrained” networks
  • Improved application reliability and process continuity
  • Engineer data acquisition and tagging once

In this highly informative article SkyFoundry’s John Petze helps demystify the term and highlight specific benefits from applying analytics at the edge. Read the Automated Buildings article by John Petze here

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SkyFoundry’s SkyPosium User Community events take place Oct 2-3 and Nov 13-14, 2018

Posted by John Petze – Thu 23 Aug 2018


Our inaugural 2017 “SkyPosium” Community event was a resounding success and this year we are bringing SkyPosium to Europe as well. SkyFoundry’s SkyPosium events are designed for the entire community of SkySpark users—our reseller partners, end users, engineering consultants, SaaS providers and OEMs — everyone that uses or applies SkySpark. With the majority of sessions delivered by community members, SkyPosium's unique format provides attendees with the ability to learn best practices and share experiences among actual users and practitioners.

Attendees will benefit from an excellent educational program that includes presentations by community members, a full-day developer workshop, and announcements and demonstrations of major new product features. Anyone involved with the use of SkySpark is encouraged to attend these informative events.

The EU event will be held Oct 2-3 in Amsterdam.

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Lynxspring Releases Edge-to-Enterprise Solution with SkySpark Analytics at the Edge

Posted by John Petze – Thu 19 Jul 2018

Lynxspring Inc., a SkyFoundry OEM Partner and premier developer and provider of open, IP-control solutions for building automation, energy management, and edge-to-enterprise integration, has announced the full release of their Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics solution which embeds SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® Everywhere™ Analytics software in the Lynxspring Onyxx® Hardware platform.

The Lynxspring Onyxx® Hardware platform was specifically designed to bring advanced IoT software applications to the “edge.” The Onyxx® Hardware family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways support edge-to-enterprise and Cloud applications across multiple market segments.

SkySpark® Everywhere™ enables the full capabilities of SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® Analytics software to be deployed in a distributed architecture where multiple nodes work together to perform analytics at the edge, while still providing users with a unified view of their data and analytic results.

By embedding SkySpark® Analytics on the Onyxx® Hardware platform, Lynxspring has created an advanced control and analytics solution that performs data acquisition, storage, automated analytics and provides the full suite of SkySpark visualization Apps locally at the device-level, providing real-time intelligence without requiring data to be sent to the Cloud for analysis.

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SkySpark Projects Recognized with Awards in the Spring 2018 Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

Posted by John Petze – Mon 11 Jun 2018

We are excited to announce that again this year, multiple projects utilizing SkySpark were recognized with awards in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign. The campaign is part of the Better Buildings Challenge of the US Department of Energy.

Major energy savings, Improved maintenance, Solid data management – the organizations recognized for the 2nd Annual Spring Awards by the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign have seen these benefits and more from their installation of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) with analytics.

The Spring 2018 Campaign recognized five participants for their exemplary implementation of EMIS at their facilities. Of the five projects to receive awards, 3 utilized SkySpark analytics. Award recipients were announced as part of a special webinar in which they shared an overview of their project and tips for success. Each organization has also been featured in a Smart Energy Analytics Campaign Success Story as shown below.

Energy Performance in a Portfolio U.S. General Services Administration - Chip Pierpont, GSA Facility Technologies

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SkyFoundry Insider June 2018: SWIVEL and the Release of all-new Spark, KPI and Energy Apps

Posted by John Petze – Wed 30 May 2018

We are excited to announce the release of SkySpark 3.0.15 and the introduction of SWIVEL, which we believe is one of the most powerful data analytics tools ever developed. Swivel is a new feature that allows you to slice and dice your data AND analytic results in virtually any way you want – with absolutely no programming required.

In this issue of the Insider we provide an overview of this powerful new data analytics tool and the suite of all-new, Swivel-enabled Apps - Spark, KPI and Energy.

Find the June 2018 Insider newsletter here


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