SkyFoundry Announces Enhanced Capabilities for Calculating, Tracking & Reporting Greenhouse Gas (GhG...

Posted by Sharon Lo – Wed 12 Jan


Earlier in 2021, SkyFoundry introduced the all new GhG App as a standard SkySpark feature. The GhG App integrates with online data resources to make it easy to quickly configure location-specific emission factors to accurately turn energy consumption data into GhG equivalents which are then available for use in visualizations, reports, KPI’s and analytics. The App presents GhG performance in a wide range of engineering and “societal” metrics, i.e., miles driven, trees planted, smartphones charged, and many more.

We received quick and positive response to the GhG App and now, after input from energy and sustainability professionals, we are excited to announce a new release of the App that captures that valuable input from our worldwide user community.

Key new features include:

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SkySpark Receives IoT Evolution Magazine’s 2021 IoT Platform Leadership Award

Posted by Sharon Lo – Tue 4 Jan


We are excited to announce that SkySpark has received a 2021 IoT Platform Leadership Award from IoT Evolution World, a leading magazine and website covering IoT technologies. This new award honors those platforms that are enabling the mass proliferation of IoT devices, networks and services.

“The advances we are seeing in platform systems is providing better services and enabling enterprises to achieve quick process improvements,” said Moe Nagle, editorial director for IoT Evolution. Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC, co-publishers of IoT Evolution added that, “Every company recognized has become a leader in the space based on their true innovation."

Read the full IoT Evolution announcement at this link.

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Case Study - kW Engineering: Using SkySpark for Ongoing Commissioning in High Performance Data Cente...

Posted by Sharon Lo – Thu 4 Nov 2021

Advanced analytics can offer a unique opportunity for ongoing commissioning of complex systems. We are excited to share a new case study by kW Engineering that describes how their team uses SkySpark at Berkeley Lab National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) to track performance, discover anomalies and inform system improvements.

Find the case study - Using SkySpark for Ongoing Commissioning in High Performance Data Centers - at this link.

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Case Study - Applying Machine Learning to Identify Impact of Covid on Energy Use

Posted by John Petze – Wed 29 Sep 2021


We are excited to publish a new case study by the Energy Twin team demonstrating how they applied machine learning in SkySpark to detect and analyze the energy use impact of Covid related changes to building operations. During the pandemic, buildings were exposed to nonstandard regimes (reduced number of occupants, non-stop ventilation, total lockdown, etc.). Valuable data were measured by BMS systems. Analysis of these data provide valuable knowledge about the effectiveness of setback regimes.

It's a timely and informative application of SkySpark and ML techniques to support improved facility operations.

Find the case study - Evaluation of Covid 19 Impacts on Energy Consumption Using Energy Twin Machine Learning in SkySpark here

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SkyFoundry Insider Sep 21: What’s New? – GhG App, Haxall, Case Studies, SkyPosium & More

Posted by John Petze – Mon 16 Aug 2021


It's been a very busy and productive spring and summer here at SkyFoundry. You’re going to want to see these important product additions, case studies, white papers and announcements.

  • All-New GhG App Makes It Easy to Calculate, Track and Report Greenhouse Gas Performance
  • New Case Studies Demonstrate the Success of SkySpark in All Types of Applications
  • SkyFoundry Open Sources Core Software to Accelerate the IoT
  • SkySpark’s Role in Achieving the Promise of Digital Twins for the Built Environment
  • SkyPosium 2021 – The Event for the Entire SkyFoundry Community

Find the September 2021 Insider at this link

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Case Study - Analytics in Action at the University of British Columbia

Posted by John Petze – Tue 20 Jul 2021


SkyFoundry is excited to announce a comprehensive new case study - Analytics in Action at the University of British Columbia, UBC’s Pathway to Driving Value from Big Data

The case study, based on recent presentation by UBC on a webinar hosted by Yorkland Controls, highlights the multi-year deployment of SkySpark to the energy, control, and equipment systems across the UBC campus.

The case study provides detailed examples of analytics use cases and the technical and financial results achieved. SkySpark has become an invaluable part of the UBC conservation group’s efforts, generating more than $10 million per year in recurring savings*. It’s truly an exciting and informative read. Find the UBC Case Study here

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Real World Application of Machine Learning in SkySpark - Energy Twin: Monitoring Based Commissioning

Posted by John Petze – Tue 6 Jul 2021


Machine Learning and other AI-based techniques continue to gain attention as they are applied to real world challenges. In the field of analytics in the built environment, SkySpark has employed a range of AI techniques since its introduction – well before the terms were hot. The foundation of SkySpark is its pattern recognition capability and technology to manage and interpret “graph” relationships between data, devices and equipment systems.

Real world examples are the best way to highlight how these technologies actually deliver value to facility operators and we are excited to publish a case study, Energy Twin: SkySpark-based Machine Learning for Monitoring-Based Commissioning. Developed and implemented fully in SkySpark, Energy Twin, is a machine learning application for energy consumption analysis that reveals areas for energy use reductions and system optimization.

In this case study, the Energy Twin team, a SkyFoundry partner, showcases their work in applying these advanced techniques to monitoring based commissioning. Access the Energy Twin case study here

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SkyFoundry Introduces New App to Calculate, Track and Report Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Performance

Posted by John Petze – Thu 17 Jun 2021


We are excited to introduce a new SkySpark App focused on Greenhouse Gas Performance. The new GhG App allows greenhouse gas emissions to be easily calculated from energy consumption data.

Read the official GhG App Press Release here

The GhG App provides the ability to look up emission-source data available online from government agencies to simplify the configuration of location-specific emission factors to enable accurate GhG calculations. Examples of online resources that have been integrated include the US Environmental Protection Agency Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGrid) for individual eGrid subregions (searchable via zip code or individual states/territories), and the US Environmental Protection Agency Emission Factors Hub for Natural Gas and Propane. If a source for a specific location or fuel type is not available via an online resource, an emission source and conversion factors can be defined manually. Once an emission source is created, it is easily associated with the device that measures consumption data, such as an electric meter or gas meter.

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The Haxall Initiative - SkyFoundry Open Sources Core Software to Accelerate the BIoT

Posted by John Petze – Mon 7 Jun 2021


SkyFoundry has formally announced the release of Haxall, our new initiative that open sources many of SkySpark’s core software modules. We are open sourcing these proven software components will streamline development and reduce the cost of creating IoT devices for the built environment (BIoT). We believe this will directly help to accelerate the transition to data-driven, intelligent buildings.

To read Haxall Press Release click here

What Is Haxall

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Case Study - Applying Analytics in the Denver Colorado Xcel Energy District Energy System

Posted by Sharon Lo – Tue 1 Jun 2021

We are excited to publish a new case study that explores the application of data analytics in a district energy system.

Xcel Energy owns and operates a district energy system in downtown Denver offering steam heating and chilled water cooling to a variety of large customers. With the support of SkyFoundry partner Group 14 Engineering, Xcel Energy deployed analytics software using near real-time data from the entire system—resulting in a variety of benefits.

To read the case study click here.

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