Multi-Site Retail and Quick Serve Restaurants

Multi-site retail portfolios have unique needs related to their equipment systems and the responsibilities of the teams that manage them. First there are the sheer number of sites and equipment systems and data samples generated. Think of a portfolio with 1000 sites, each with 10 HVAC units, each with 25 data points (sensors and control points), with each point producing 1 data sample every minute. That’s 360 million data samples per day! In the course of a year that’s 131 Billion data samples. Talk about BIG DATA. SkySpark unique database, historian and analytics technology handles projects of that size with ease.

But an effective solution for multi-site retail operators requires more than the ability to collect, manage, analyze that data. An effective analytics solution needs to provide the tools to help organize data and results for the various constituents involved in managing facilities.

Operations teams need to see equipment and performance data and have analytic results clearly organized by region, site, type of facility and other attributes.

And portfolio managers need to look at performance from a higher level with presentations that show answer questions like: what types of issues am I having in my facilities? Where do they occur? How long to they last? How often do they occur? AND What are they costing me?

SkySpark’s built-in Apps provide the visualizations and reports needed to serve the needs of the different teams involved in facility and energy management across widely dispersed portfolios.

And today, SkySpark is deployed across thousands of sites for many of the most well-known names in multi-site retail and quick serve restaurants.