Energy Analysis and Reporting

SkySpark provides a complete suite of tools for energy analysis and reporting applications and is often used as a stand-alone Energy Analysis application. Its supports applications involving the full range of energy resources including: electricity, alternative energy generation including solar and storage, natural gas, oil, and water – basically any resource that is metered. Some of the major features of the SkySpark Energy tools include:

Connectors to access energy data from metering systems. SkySpark supports a variety of data acquisition connectors: Bacnet IP, Modbus TCP, Obix, Haystack, SNMP, Sedona, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, CSV import (manual batch or automated), and a REST API.

Integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager. SkySpark’s Energy Star extension supports a wide range of services. From generating “Property” Accounts in Energy Star directly from SkySpark, to automatically pushing energy consumption data to Portfolio Manager on a continuous basis, or as a onetime batch upload. You can also pull energy consumption data already in Energy Star into SkySpark to populate historic energy data for use in the SkySpark Energy App, Historian and KPI App.

The SkySpark Energy App. The Energy App provides a comprehensive suite of tools to view and analyze energy and other metered data.
  • Analyze consumption and demand data, normalize data based on standard factors like degree days, or building size or create custom normalization factors.
  • Compare energy use to Baselines. SkySpark provides standard baseline comparisons such as last month, last year and specific date ranges, and allows you to create custom baselines based on math formulas or imported data sets collected from actual meters, or from energy modeling applications.
  • Generate Reports Quickly and Easily. With SkySpark, anything you see on the screen can be a report with just a couple of clicks. You can directly export any view as a PDF or SVG image, and your energy data can be exported in Excel®, CSV, XML, ZINC, and JSON formats via a simple dialog.
Rate Modeler & Tariff Engine Calculates True Energy Costs. In order to address the need to calculate energy costs based on real-world, complex energy rates SkySpark includes a sophisticated Rate Modeler and Tariff Engine allows rates to be defined based on a wide range of billing “charges” including:
  • Consumption
  • Demand
  • Service and equipment charges (both fixed rate and percentage-based)
  • Minimum contract charges
  • Distribution and Generation charges
  • Ratchets
  • Time of Use including both time of day and monthly use factors
  • Ranges (or blocks)
  • Currency
  • Custom charges which can be expressed as math functions
  • Definition of billing periods (including support for variable billing periods)
  • Variable fees based on data retrieved from external systems

Once your rate model is defined, the Tariff Engine turns your energy consumption data into highly accurate costs. The Energy App then allows you to quickly overlay energy use and cost data to provide clear insight into the correlation between usage and cost. And, in case you are wondering, SkySpark supports a wide range of currencies.