Government - State, Municipal and Federal

SkySpark is deployed in Government facilities of all types from office buildings to military facilities. One of the most notable being the GSA Link project, launched in 2013. GSA Link generates a over 27 million data samples each day from more than 13,000 sensors embedded throughout 81 GSA properties encompassing more than 44 million square feet of space. Using SkySpark analytics, the system has resulted in significant savings in energy and operational costs as well as automating certain environmental outcomes based on given inputs.

For many of Government applications security is the key requirement. Because SkySpark can be deployed locally, on-premise, it meets the needs of highly secure facilities where cloud-based systems cannot. SkyFoundry never has your data and no external connections are required for SkySpark to provide its full feature set of analytics and the complete suite of data and analytic visualization including: password strength indicator, automatic password reset, expiration, integration with centralized credential systems via LDAP and integration with Single Sign On technology. It also includes certificate-based authentication between multiple servers when deployed in a distributed architecture.