Technology-focused Intellisy is Canada's leading advanced analytics software solution provider with over a decade of experience providing Integration Services for Building Automation Systems. Our end-to-end systematic approach makes Intelligent data analytics implementation a cost-effective stream that generates value over time. Our solution help Facility Managers and Building Operators make better decisions while improving equipment efficiency, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • Canada


Skyspark rule engine powers our software solution and services. From out-of-the-box installation to full customization, we provide it all with a cost-effective strategy. Cloud-based or on-premises implementation of Analytics Suite and its advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In addition, we offer full customization as per customers' dashboarding and reporting needs. We are experts in Advanced FDD, Automated M&V, Integrated work order management, and ongoing commissioning.