Kodaro expands building system connectivity through dynamic software developed for the Internet of Things. We help contractors, controls companies and end-users find value in building data gathered from the edge to the cloud. Our software creates more connectivity between systems, giving increased access to better data, not bigger data. Our goal is to provide actionable analytic information, developed from real-world expertise with all building systems.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • United States


Kodaro uses SkySpark to develop cohesive, cost-effective infrastructures for data analytics from edge to cloud. We develop tools that turn data into actionable intelligence with rules packages that can be applied out-of-the-box or built custom. Kodaro also offers secure data clouds to simplify application management, opening the door to responsive analytics that optimize systems through machine learning. Our analytics and data cloud services can be purchased individually or packaged together.