Temm Sp. z o.o.

Temm Sp. z o.o.


TEMM creates optimized (LV, BAS, BMS, etc.) systems for commercial and industry buildings in order to monitor all events within a buildings and optimize processes related to them.

The design, implementation and maintenance are of the most importance to our company. With an extensive experience from previous projects and promising perspective to the future we are constantly improving our services and are capable to quickly adapt to high standards on the market and rising customer expectations.

Regions Served

  • Europe
    • Poland


TEMM applies SkySpark to help clients:

  • confirm that automation systems in the building / plant work correctly
  • analyze the state of all technical infrastructure
  • achieve constant monitoring of equipment systems (power, ventilation, lighting, etc.)
  • provide reporting on energy consumption and equipment operation
  • improve overall building efficiency
  • reduce energy bills