Denver, CO
Nov 13-14, 2018

Oct 2-3, 2018

For All SkyFoundry Partners and Users

SkyFoundry’s SkyPosium User Community events take place Oct 2-3 and Nov 13-14, 2018

Posted by John Petze – Thu 23 Aug


Our inaugural 2017 “SkyPosium” Community event was a resounding success and this year we are bringing SkyPosium to Europe as well. SkyFoundry’s SkyPosium events are designed for the entire community of SkySpark users—our reseller partners, end users, engineering consultants, SaaS providers and OEMs — everyone that uses or applies SkySpark. With the majority of sessions delivered by community members, SkyPosium's unique format provides attendees with the ability to learn best practices and share experiences among actual users and practitioners.

Attendees will benefit from an excellent educational program that includes presentations by community members, a full-day developer workshop, and announcements and demonstrations of major new product features. Anyone involved with the use of SkySpark is encouraged to attend these informative events.

The EU event will be held Oct 2-3 in Amsterdam.

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Lynxspring Releases Edge-to-Enterprise Solution with SkySpark Analytics at the Edge

Posted by John Petze – Thu 19 Jul

Lynxspring Inc., a SkyFoundry OEM Partner and premier developer and provider of open, IP-control solutions for building automation, energy management, and edge-to-enterprise integration, has announced the full release of their Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics solution which embeds SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® Everywhere™ Analytics software in the Lynxspring Onyxx® Hardware platform.

The Lynxspring Onyxx® Hardware platform was specifically designed to bring advanced IoT software applications to the “edge.” The Onyxx® Hardware family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways support edge-to-enterprise and Cloud applications across multiple market segments.

SkySpark® Everywhere™ enables the full capabilities of SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® Analytics software to be deployed in a distributed architecture where multiple nodes work together to perform analytics at the edge, while still providing users with a unified view of their data and analytic results.

By embedding SkySpark® Analytics on the Onyxx® Hardware platform, Lynxspring has created an advanced control and analytics solution that performs data acquisition, storage, automated analytics and provides the full suite of SkySpark visualization Apps locally at the device-level, providing real-time intelligence without requiring data to be sent to the Cloud for analysis.

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SkySpark Projects Recognized with Awards in the Spring 2018 Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

Posted by John Petze – Mon 11 Jun

We are excited to announce that again this year, multiple projects utilizing SkySpark were recognized with awards in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign. The campaign is part of the Better Buildings Challenge of the US Department of Energy.

Major energy savings, Improved maintenance, Solid data management – the organizations recognized for the 2nd Annual Spring Awards by the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign have seen these benefits and more from their installation of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) with analytics.

The Spring 2018 Campaign recognized five participants for their exemplary implementation of EMIS at their facilities. Of the five projects to receive awards, 3 utilized SkySpark analytics. Award recipients were announced as part of a special webinar in which they shared an overview of their project and tips for success. Each organization has also been featured in a Smart Energy Analytics Campaign Success Story as shown below.

Energy Performance in a Portfolio U.S. General Services Administration - Chip Pierpont, GSA Facility Technologies

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SkyFoundry Insider June 2018: SWIVEL and the Release of all-new Spark, KPI and Energy Apps

Posted by John Petze – Wed 30 May

We are excited to announce the release of SkySpark 3.0.15 and the introduction of SWIVEL, which we believe is one of the most powerful data analytics tools ever developed. Swivel is a new feature that allows you to slice and dice your data AND analytic results in virtually any way you want – with absolutely no programming required.

In this issue of the Insider we provide an overview of this powerful new data analytics tool and the suite of all-new, Swivel-enabled Apps - Spark, KPI and Energy.

Find the June 2018 Insider newsletter here


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College Planning & Management Article on Data-Driven Facilities Management

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Fri 25 May

We would like to highlight a new article by SkyFoundry’s John Petze in College Planning & Management magazine. Higher Ed facilities are a significant user of SkySpark analytics and experience excellent results. We are excited to have this recognition by an industry leading publication.

You can read the article at this link

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BuildingFit™ signs as a SkySpark® OEM

Posted by John Petze – Wed 25 Apr

We are excited to announce that BuildingFit ™, has signed with SkyFoundry as an OEM partner.

BuildingFit™ was launched in 2017 as a software services spin-off of ETC Group, utilizing the 30 years of experience working with millions of data points to develop advanced analytic rules, algorithms and deployment options for building owners and operators. The power of this deep experience is now packaged and offered to other engineering firms, controls contractors, service providers and facility owners.

BuildingFit™ has always used SkySpark® as its platform and the move to become an OEM creates an even stronger partnership advancing the use of analytics in buildings for improved performance and operational savings. BuildingFit’s tag line “Making SkySpark® Work for You,” speaks to the specialized rules, algorithms customization and service offerings provided by BuildingFit™.

Read the BuildingFit announcement here

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Realcomm Advisory - Start with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Fac...

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Wed 21 Mar

We are excited to make you aware of a new Realcomm Advisory article by SkyFoundry's John Petze. Here's a quick overview of the main theme of John's article,

...Embarking on a project to apply data analytics to facility and equipment system data should be viewed as a process of exploration, very different from other investments commonly made by real estate professionals...

We tend to look at anything we do in the built environment as an engineering project – something that can be predefined down to the finest detail, and if executed correctly, will provide us with a known end result. For example, we design and construct a building, we design and install an HVAC system, or engineer the details of an equipment upgrade project. All these things can, and should, be ‘engineered’ in detail. We wouldn’t break ground to build a new facility without having completed the detailed engineering work to ensure success...

...Applying analytics to building system data is very different than other investments, and requires owners to look at these projects in a new way...

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SkySpark Deployed in Smart City Project in Kortrijk, The Netherlands

Posted by John Petze – Tue 20 Feb

The West Flemish city of Kortrijk (75,000 inhabitants) is transitioning into a Smart City. The city will digitally manage, among other things, mobility, parking and energy. CimPro, SkyFoundry's Value Added Distributor for the Benelux region, has been commissioned to contribute to smart energy savings as part of the project. A uniform data approach and open software platform are an indispensable ingredient of the plan.

Monitoring building performance -- SkySpark analytics software "is used to improve the building performance. This program continuously monitors and analyzes the most important energy and climate parameters. This automatically provides insight into possible errors, the cause, the time, the duration and the consumption costs. It is even possible to predict problems and schedule preventive maintenance. If a boiler uses excessively much energy, it may be that a certain part is defective. By monitoring all relevant parameters in real time in the cloud, maintenance companies can tackle any problems directly."

Leak detection of fountains -- Not only buildings, but also works of art are connected to the system. In the past, water leaks on city fountains were only discovered upon receipt of the water bill. In the future, the water consumption of the fountains will be monitored and analyzed in real-time. When the consumption is higher than expected, maintenance technicians automatically receive a report with the data of the leaky fountain.

Read the full article here

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SkyFoundry Releases Machine Learning Tools for SkySpark

Posted by John Petze – Mon 8 Jan

We are excited to announce the release of Machine Learning Tools for SkySpark®. The new Machine Learning Tools provide support for supervised learning for prediction and forecasting through regression-based approaches, and classification using Support Vector Machine (SVM) techniques.

We have been working with select customers for almost a year as they tested our new machine learning tools. Their feedback helped us optimize the tools to make application as easy as possible. The results have been excellent and we are excited to announce their availability to the entire market. These tools further extend the capabilities of SkySpark and the range of solutions our partners are delivering to customers around the globe.

Read the full press release on SkySpark's Machine Learning tools here

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One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Worldwide Achieve New Milestone

Posted by John Petze – Wed 15 Nov 2017


One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Achieve New Milestone

We are excited to announce that SkySpark® Analytics software has now been applied to more than 13,000 buildings, encompassing over 1 Billion square feet (>92 million square meters). The deployments cover a wide range of applications for energy management, equipment systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection in all types of facilities including federal and municipal government, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate, higher education and multi-site retail. We thank our partners and customers for achieving this significant milestone.

Deployment of SkySpark across more than 1 Billion square feet further validates the financial benefits of applying data analytics to building and equipment systems to reduce energy and operational costs. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of our worldwide SkyFoundry Partner Channel-- a network of over 125 authorized systems integrators, specialty engineering firms and OEMs, that implement SkySpark for end users. These companies provide customers with the greatest freedom of choice in the industry for deployment and ongoing consulting and support services.

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