Haystack Connect 2017 Was A Huge Success -- All Presentations Now Available

Posted by John Petze – Fri 19 May


As founding members of Project-Haystack we have a strong interest in the success of the effort, and are admittedly a bit biased, but from everything we have heard both attendees, sponsors and speakers felt that the event was a huge success.

Here is a fantastic article written by Harbor Research presenting an independent view of Haystack and the Haystack Connect event

One of the most notable things about Haystack Connect 2017 was the dramatic advances and the sophistication of the work the Project Haystack Community is doing. The technical presentations, from speakers from around the world, demonstrated that the companies involved with Project Haystack are clearly on the leading-edge of applying data science to the Internet of Things for Buildings - the BIoT. The community is truly succeeding in our mission of making device data easy to work with across diverse applications with open, extensible and easy to use data markup standards.

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SkyFoundry will be exhibiting at the CxEnergy event in Orlando FL, April 24-27, 2017

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Mon 3 Apr

CxEnergy Logo

SkyFoundry will be exhibiting at the CxEnergy event in Orlando FL, April 24-27, 2017.

CxEnergy serves key decision makers in the building commissioning and energy management fields. The event features a wealth of technical workshops featuring industry experts, in addition to Certification Seminars & Exams for CxA, EMP.

We are excited to participate in the event. You can find full details at the CxEnergy 2017 website

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SkyFoundry will be a Sponsor and Speaker at IBCon and the Smart Building Integrator Summit

Posted by John Petze – Mon 13 Mar

IBCon 2017 logo

SkyFoundry will again be a sponsor at the Realcomm/IBCon event, which will be held June 13-15 in San Diego California. The conference continues to be one of the premier events in the Intelligent Buildings industry, bringing together owners, operators and technology professionals focused on fostering the next generation of smart, connected, high-performance, green, sustainable, intelligent buildings.

SkyFoundry will participate in IBCon technical sessions, the Intelligent Buildings Expo (Booth 319), and the Smart Building Integrator Summit which takes place on June 13.

Find full details on the IBCon conference here

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Read the Intel Blog on Haystack and its role in Breaking Language Barriers in Smart Buildings

Posted by John Petze – Wed 8 Mar

If you follow the Project-Haystack forum (we hope you all do!) you know that it was recently announced that Intel had joined Project-Haystack.org as a Founding-level member. This blog post by Shuo Zhang, highlights Intel's views on the challenge being addressed by Project Haystack. It's a great read and a great credit to the work of the Project-Haystack community.

Breaking Down Language Barriers in Smart Buildings

Shuo Zhang leads ecosystem development and channel strategy for Intel's Smart Buildings segment within the Internet of Things Group (IOTG).

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BCIT Partners with SkyFoundry in Advanced Building Controls and Energy Management Program

Posted by John Petze – Tue 21 Feb

In September 2016 the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) launched its new Advanced Certificate in Building Controls and Energy Management (BCEM). This fully online distance education program has been designed to help supply industry with graduates who can use controls and building automation systems to improve energy efficiency. This program fills the need for education about controls, building automation, and energy management as a combined field. Graduates will integrate this knowledge in all phases of a building’s life: design, construction, commissioning, and ongoing operation.

BCIT has partnered with SkyFoundry to provide students with access to SkySpark analytics to help do project work on real world building data. The students use SkySpark to do assignments in their courses including their Building Systems Integration and Analytics course.

BCEM is comprised of nine courses that take a student approximately 1.5 years in part-time courses to complete with an option to complete in 2.5 years with a reduced course load.

BCEM will produce skilled practitioners who have expertise in the advanced design, use, and recommissioning of controls systems to manage energy at the building level. This industry is now growing as more high performance and “connected” buildings are being constructed.

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DOE Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is Recruiting Building Owners

Posted by John Petze – Fri 3 Feb

SkyFoundry joined the DOE's Smart Energy Analytics Campaign as a supporting partner in August of 2016. The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign promotes the adoption of analytics software and ongoing monitoring. See the original press announcement here

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is currently signing up commercial building owners and managers who are interested in taming their energy data and turning it into in actionable steps through the use of Energy Management and Information Systems. One popular feature the Campaign offers is membership in technical peer groups that discuss real world solutions to energy management issues. To learn more and join the campaign click here

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Case Study: Broadway Bldg Denver by Group 14

Posted by John Petze – Mon 23 Jan

We are excited to announce a new Case Study provided to us by Group 14. 1670 Broadway is a 700,000 square foot, 35-story Class A high-rise office tower located in downtown Denver, Colorado. In 2012, the building management team embarked on a major initiative to reduce energy consumption in the building. The process began with a retro commissioning study funded in part by Xcel Energy followed by a major upgrade of the building automation system (BAS).

Commissioning of the BAS was completed in 2013 and Measurement and Verification (M&V) was conducted to verify the savings achieved. The improvements were verified to save over $180,000 in annual operating costs and they helped increase the Energy Star score to 85. These improvements also contributed significantly to achieving the USGBC’s LEED-EB: O&M Gold certification.

You can find the Broadway Case Study here

We want to thank the team at Group 14 for submitting this great Case Study.

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SkyFoundry will present at Globalcon 2017 March 22-23

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Fri 20 Jan


SkyFoundry's John Petze will be a speaker at the Globalcon 2017 event. He will present Using Data Analytics to Improve Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the session entitled: Unleashing the Value of Big Data, on 23-Mar-2017, from 2:00 - 4:00PM

Globalcon takes place March 22-23 at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Full details on the conference program can be found here

As part of the speaking engagement SkyFoundry is able to provide community members a $300 discount for conference registration. Use code GC17SPEAKERS in the coupon code box when checking out at www.globalconevent.com/registration.

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Harbor Research Briefs for SkyFoundry Community at No Cost - Complete Their Survey

Posted by John Petze – Wed 18 Jan

harbor logo

Harbor Research is currently conducting a Smart Buildings market study of both adopters (building owners, managers, developers, engineers and architects) and suppliers (equipment, technology and service providers) of smart, connected devices and services. They are offering one of three market briefs (research studies) in exchange for completing a survey. Harbor Research provides valuable thought leadership and market intelligence for our industry and we hope that you will consider participating in the survey.

The briefings available include:

  • Smart Buildings Forecast Brief: What segments and types of applications should you be looking to address in the future? Buildings Market Trends and Dimensioning from Harbor’s Smart Systems Forecast Model
  • Market Player & Business Models Brief: What players, relationships and business models are driving market disruption? Key Market Participant Profiles and Ecosystem Mapping, Including Player Relationship Examples
  • Use Case & Technology Brief: What products and services are in the market today and how are they applied? Application and Use Case Profiles with Technology Requirements and Case Examples

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New Realcomm Advisory: Is The Value of Your Building Data is Being Lost?

Posted by Paul Bergquist – Mon 16 Jan


Last weeks Realcomm Advisory entitled: The Value of Building Data is Being Lost: Where Do You Stand in the Data Analytics Journey? was authored by SkyFoundry's John Petze, who is also an IBcon 2017 Advisory Council Member.

The article addresses the range of challenges organizations need consider to effectively move to data driven facilities management and the compelling reasons to get started with a data analytics program. You can find the Realcomm Advisory here

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