One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Worldwide Achieve New Milestone

Posted by John Petze – Wed 15 Nov


One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Achieve New Milestone

We are excited to announce that SkySpark® Analytics software has now been applied to more than 13,000 buildings, encompassing over 1 Billion square feet (>92 million square meters). The deployments cover a wide range of applications for energy management, equipment systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection in all types of facilities including federal and municipal government, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate, higher education and multi-site retail. We thank our partners and customers for achieving this significant milestone.

Deployment of SkySpark across more than 1 Billion square feet further validates the financial benefits of applying data analytics to building and equipment systems to reduce energy and operational costs. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of our worldwide SkyFoundry Partner Channel-- a network of over 125 authorized systems integrators, specialty engineering firms and OEMs, that implement SkySpark for end users. These companies provide customers with the greatest freedom of choice in the industry for deployment and ongoing consulting and support services.

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SkySpark In The News - Recognized for Technology and Financial Results for Building Owners

Posted by John Petze – Wed 1 Nov

SkySpark in the News

With deployments across a wide range of applications, SkySpark continues to be recognized as both a leading edge software platform for IoT applications, and a leading data analytics solution for fault detection & diagnostics and energy management. The articles, research papers and DoE reports highlighted below demonstrate the financial results attainable as organizations use SkySpark to transition to data-driven facilities management.


Here is a quote from the research paper: “IoT PLATFORM INNOVATORS - After reviewing and analyzing over 200 so-called IoT and related data and analytics platforms, we have found that there is a distinct minority of true platform innovators in the marketplace. Leading and innovative examples of players working on next generation platforms include Skyfoundry…"

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New Case Study - BAM “Stroomversnelling” Advanced Analytics in Net-Zero Homes

Posted by John Petze – Wed 11 Oct

We are excited to publish a new Case Study provided by BAM Energy Systems of the Netherlands. The case study shows how SkySpark is being used in large scale deployments of Net Zero Energy homes. It further demonstrates the wide range of applications SkySpark is used in and is a fascinating and unique project.

You can find the BAM Net Zero Energy Homes Case Study here

SkyFoundry would like to thank BAM Energy Systems and Cimpro our VAD for the Benelux region for producing this very unique case study.

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Lynxspring Signs as SkyFoundry OEM - Makes SkySpark Everywhere part of Edge-to-Enterprise Ini...

Posted by John Petze – Mon 9 Oct

Lynxspring Signs as SkyFoundry OEM - Makes SkySpark Everywhere part of Edge-to-Enterprise Initiative

We are excited to announce that Lynxspring has entered into an OEM relationship with SkyFoundry, which enables SkySpark Everywhere software to be offered as an embedded solution on the new JENEsys Edge 534 platform. SkySpark will be offered both as a stand-alone application on the 534, and combined with Niagara.

This product announcement furthers the adoption of the SkySpark Everywhere Distributed Architecture allowing users to implement sophisticated analytics “at the edge”, and provides system integrators with new hardware options for deployment of SkySpark.

For more details read the official Lynxspring Press Release here:

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SkyFoundry Insider Sept 2017: View Builder - A Special Issue

Posted by John Petze – Fri 8 Sep

viz logo sm

We are excited to release the latest Insider newsletter. This issue focuses on View Builder one of the most important additions to SkySpark technology since its initial release in 2010. Find the Sept 2017 Insider at this link

One of the main features that has made SkySpark so successful is that it automatically creates rich visualizations of analytic results and operational data without requiring engineering effort to build displays. This capability was a break-through when first introduced and has eliminated countless hours of labor typically associated with creating graphical displays of equipment system data and analytic findings.

While users love the efficiency the automated apps provide, there is often a desire to create customized presentations of operating data and analytic findings. SkySpark’s new View Builder technology takes the next step in data visualization by enabling users to create their own visualizations, reports and fully interactive Apps without needing software development skills.

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Kodaro is Now a SkyFoundry OEM Partner

Posted by John Petze – Tue 29 Aug

We are excited to announce that Kodaro has joined the SkyFoundry community as a SkySpark Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Kodaro, the Bay Area building software start-up with service offerings in analytics and data cloud hosting as well as a product suite that includes the Niagara 4 port for the Dell Edge Gateway, has a team of engineers dedicated to developing cohesive, cost-effective infrastructures with SkySpark for data analytics from edge to cloud.

Kodaro is using SkySpark to develop building data rules packages that can be applied out-of-the-box or built to custom specifications. Kodaro's data cloud services also make it possible to simplify SkySpark application management, opening the door to responsive analytics that optimize systems automatically through machine learning.

We are excited to have Kodaro join the SkyFoundry community as an OEM. With a team of developers dedicated to SkySpark rules-writing and secure data collection, they bring new solutions to the marketplace for both end users and SkyFoundry reseller partners.

Read the full news release here

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Project Haystack Grows in Europe - Subject of Opening Session at Projekt BMS, Warsaw Poland Oct 18

Posted by John Petze – Thu 17 Aug

Projekt BMS logo

We thought that the SkyFoundry community would be interested to know that Project Haystack will be the subject of the official conference opening session at Projekt BMS, October 18-19, in Warsaw Poland. Projekt BMS sets out to create a flagship, annual event for suppliers and recipients of Building Management Systems, Smart Building Systems, building Automation Technology.

John Petze, Executive Director of and Partner at SkyFoundry will be the speaker introducing the attendees to the concepts of data modeling for device data and Project-Haystack technology. The European market is seeing increased adoption of Project Haystack which will be the subject of presentations at other conference events in France and elsewhere this fall.

Full details on the Projekt BMS Conference can be found at this link

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SkySpark Can Now Tweet !!

Posted by John Petze – Fri 11 Aug

twitter logo

Would you like your SkySpark instance to tweet messages? We are excited to announce the availability of a new SkySpark Extension that enables SkySpark to send tweets.

The software extension - sfxTwitterExt 1.0.2 - which is compatible with SkySpark 3.0.12, is available on Stackhub is the software package management resource for the Haystack Community. Find Stackhub here

Find the SkySpark Twitter extension on the Stackhub Packages page

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SkySpark Projects in the News -- Naval Bases at Bangor, Bremerton, and Keyport Utilize SkySpark

Posted by John Petze – Thu 10 Aug

The Navy recently standardized and consolidated their facility monitoring and control capabilities across three of the Naval Base Kitsap campuses: Bangor, Bremerton, and Keyport. The project included upgrading the direct digital control (DDC)and monitoring systems in 136 buildings across these three locations and implementing SkySpark for fault detection and diagnosis (FDD). Wood Harbinger was the engineering firm on the project.

The project is the subject of an article in the August issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer which can be found at this link

The Navy estimated that this project would result in a 10% to 20% energy cost savings over the lifespan of the buildings at the three base locations. Catching problems early helps the Navy better manage its facility portfolio to achieve energy use reduction and energy cost savings.

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Building Analytics Success Story - Sprint Headquarters

Posted by John Petze – Thu 20 Jul

We are excited to to highlight a new case study on the Sprint Headquarters project which was recognized by the Department of Energy for Best Practice in Use of Energy Management Information Systems under their "Smart Energy Analytics Campaign".

Implemented by SkyFoundry partner CBRE|ESI, Sprint received national recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Energy Analytics Campaign in 2017, acknowledging their exemplary work to save energy through the use of EMIS. SkySpark was the EMIS technology utilized on the project which encompasses 20 buildings of more than 4 million square feet. Congratulations to CBRE|ESI and Sprint on this great project and SkySpark success story.

You can find the new case study here

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