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#4024 SkyFoundry Recognized for IoT Platform in Latest Harbor Research Technology Insight John Petze Sat 8 Dec
#3974 SkyFoundry Announces Automated Data Replication for SkySpark Everywhere® Analytics-at-the-Edge John Petze Tue 13 Nov
#3956 Why Analytics at the Edge Matters – Read the November Automated Buildings Article Paul Bergquist Thu 1 Nov
#3820 SkyFoundry’s SkyPosium User Community events take place Oct 2-3 and Nov 13-14, 2018 John Petze Thu 23 Aug
#3740 Lynxspring Releases Edge-to-Enterprise Solution with SkySpark Analytics at the Edge John Petze Thu 19 Jul
#3658 SkySpark Projects Recognized with Awards in the Spring 2018 Smart Energy Analytics Campaign John Petze Mon 11 Jun
#3625 SkyFoundry Insider June 2018: SWIVEL and the Release of all-new Spark, KPI and Energy Apps John Petze Wed 30 May
#3616 College Planning & Management Article on Data-Driven Facilities Management Paul Bergquist Fri 25 May
#3536 BuildingFit™ signs as a SkySpark® OEM John Petze Wed 25 Apr
#3459 Realcomm Advisory - Start with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Fac... Paul Bergquist Wed 21 Mar
#3394 SkySpark Deployed in Smart City Project in Kortrijk, The Netherlands John Petze Tue 20 Feb
#3301 SkyFoundry Releases Machine Learning Tools for SkySpark John Petze Mon 8 Jan
#3206 One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Worldwide Achieve New Milestone John Petze Wed 15 Nov 2017
#3178 SkySpark In The News - Recognized for Technology and Financial Results for Building Owners John Petze Wed 1 Nov 2017
#3144 New Case Study - BAM “Stroomversnelling” Advanced Analytics in Net-Zero Homes John Petze Wed 11 Oct 2017
#3136 Lynxspring Signs as SkyFoundry OEM - Makes SkySpark Everywhere part of Edge-to-Enterprise Ini... John Petze Mon 9 Oct 2017
#3082 SkyFoundry Insider Sept 2017: View Builder - A Special Issue John Petze Fri 8 Sep 2017
#3058 Kodaro is Now a SkyFoundry OEM Partner John Petze Tue 29 Aug 2017
#3029 Project Haystack Grows in Europe - Subject of Opening Session at Projekt BMS, Warsaw Poland Oct 18 John Petze Thu 17 Aug 2017
#3018 SkySpark Can Now Tweet !! John Petze Fri 11 Aug 2017
#3015 SkySpark Projects in the News -- Naval Bases at Bangor, Bremerton, and Keyport Utilize SkySpark John Petze Thu 10 Aug 2017
#2978 Building Analytics Success Story - Sprint Headquarters John Petze Thu 20 Jul 2017
#2950 SkyFoundry will be a Speaker and Exhibitor at Energy Exchange 2017 John Petze Mon 3 Jul 2017
#2898 Case Study: High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre by Control & Electric John Petze Wed 7 Jun 2017
#2884 A New Deal for Buildings - Driving a Dialog to Advance Our Facilities John Petze Wed 31 May 2017
#2863 Haystack Connect 2017 Was A Huge Success -- All Presentations Now Available John Petze Fri 19 May 2017
#2774 SkyFoundry will be exhibiting at the CxEnergy event in Orlando FL, April 24-27, 2017 Paul Bergquist Mon 3 Apr 2017
#2737 SkyFoundry will be a Sponsor and Speaker at IBCon and the Smart Building Integrator Summit John Petze Mon 13 Mar 2017
#2724 Read the Intel Blog on Haystack and its role in Breaking Language Barriers in Smart Buildings John Petze Wed 8 Mar 2017
#2682 BCIT Partners with SkyFoundry in Advanced Building Controls and Energy Management Program John Petze Tue 21 Feb 2017
#2646 DOE Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is Recruiting Building Owners John Petze Fri 3 Feb 2017
#2616 Case Study: Broadway Bldg Denver by Group 14 John Petze Mon 23 Jan 2017
#2613 SkyFoundry will present at Globalcon 2017 March 22-23 Paul Bergquist Fri 20 Jan 2017
#2603 Harbor Research Briefs for SkyFoundry Community at No Cost - Complete Their Survey John Petze Wed 18 Jan 2017
#2596 New Realcomm Advisory: Is The Value of Your Building Data is Being Lost? Paul Bergquist Mon 16 Jan 2017

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