Find What Matters

How do we let busy managers and operational personnel know that something is worthy of their attention? Is it possible to make sense of operational data with minimal, human intervention? Can we impart our knowledge of equipment systems into software to automatically find issues, patterns, and faults? SkySpark provides the solution.

SkySpark allows domain experts to capture their knowledge in “rules” that automatically run against collected data. Employing “semantic tagging”, pattern recognition, functional rules processing and other techniques, SkySpark’s analytics engine provides the ability to automatically identify issues worthy of attention. The result: the capability to tell the user what they need to know about the performance of their systems.

SkySpark works with data of all types: live links to automation systems and smart meters, connections to SQL databases, static CSV files, or web service feeds. SkySpark makes it easy to centralize your data for analysis.

Tag Database

The first step to apply SkySpark is to aggregate and organize your data. SkySpark is built with a unique customized database we call Folio which efficiently manages your real-time and time-series data. Easily import your data from Excel, CSV, relational databases, and connect to real time data via standard protocols including BACnet IP™, oBIX, Modbus TCP, Haystack and Sedona.

Instead of relying on conventional database schemas, meaning and relationships – “semantics” – is accomplished using “tags”. Tags are added to data items as needed to convey definitions and associations. For example an air handler might have tags that define its location (site, building, floor), fact that it is an electric load, manufacturer, capacity, schedule, associated control parameters, etc. Records can have as many tags as needed and new tags can be added ad hoc whenever needed. Tags provide the hooks that the analytics engine uses to correlate and analyze the data.

Axon Discovers Sparks

Analysis is accomplished with a unique computation “engine” known as Axon. Axon provides a comprehensive set of functions for querying, transforming, and analyzing data. The system implementer writes rules using the Axon language, which are then processed by the Axon engine. Define an issue once, save it, and activate it – SkySpark will find it forever. Create new rules based on new observations or ideas at anytime – all without affecting your underlying systems. And rules can be combined and linked together. Build a library of rules that capture the essential items that matter to your application.

When Axon rules “hit” or “trigger” they create a spark – our term for an issue that matters. Sparks can be reviewed and analyzed using one of the many built-in web apps. Or Sparks may be configured to generate notifications via email, social networking apps, or third party applications.

Visualize Your Data

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Take all the high value data that SkySpark produces and visualize the results cleanly and simply. Use SkySpark‘s comprehensive set of built-in apps, or integrate SkySpark into your own solution.

  • Built-in HTML5 Apps

    SkySpark ships with a suite of HTML5 based apps accessible from any modern web browser. Manage your sites and equipment, visualize spark activity, view energy usage, tweak your database – all out of the box. Need something else? Use the published API‘s to write your own app.
  • Backend for other HMIs or service offerings

    Beyond directly producing displays for a user, SkySpark can also be used as an analytics backend for other HMI applications. A complete set of published API‘s enables developers to integrate all of SkySpark‘s functionality with third party applications providing them the ability to embed sophisticated analytics capabilities in their own presentation environment.

Make Informed Decisions

SkySpark can be used in a wide variety of applications with systems of all types. Its not tied to any one manufacturer‘s products or devices. Applications include building commissioning, equipment fault detection, energy analysis, load profiling, facility benchmarking, asset performance tracking, and carbon and greenhouse gas reporting. SkySpark’s high-performance database and infinitely flexible analytics language can provide results not possible with other tools. And, the built-in visualization applications make it a ready to go solution. With SkySpark you know how your buildings, equipment systems, and devices are really operating and where and how you can improve performance.

SkySpark is sold as licensed software – install it on a local PC or server, or host it in your own cloud. SkyFoundry never has your data – you‘re in control.

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