#4923 SkyFoundry Sponsors two Conferences on Smart Ventilation in Laboratory Environments

John Petze Mon 27 Jan

The Smart Ventilation workshops hosted by the S-Lab organization build on the experience and success of previous events held at the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol. They explore how developments in information management technology and other areas are creating opportunities to greatly reduce ventilation-related energy consumption in laboratories, producing significant financial and performance benefits. The events aim to:

  • Enhance understanding of laboratory ventilation system design and operation, and opportunities for improved performance, from simple actions that require little funding, to more complex actions that require some capital spend but not redesign, to fundamental changes that require significant capital spend or are part of a major refurbishment or new build.
  • Demonstrate that more ambitious laboratory improvement initiatives can create significant energy and financial benefits for universities, making it easier to achieve energy and carbon targets, which are currently voluntary but may become mandatory in future.
  • Facilitate discussion and networking between sustainability champions, facility engineers, project managers, and suppliers to lay the basis for more coordinated initiatives in universities.

Event Details

  • The Francis Crick Institute, London Feb 25th, 2020
  • Northumbria University, Newcastle City Campus Feb 24th, 2020

Full details and registration information can be found at www.effectivelab.org.uk

The workshop is inspired by, and will draw on, the Smart Labs programme of the University of California Irvine. The work was recognised with an S-Lab Award in 2013 and the US Department of Energy is now promoting this approach nationally. A key feature of the UC Irvine system is a continuous commissioning programme, built on SkySpark software which distills information on performance, faults and opportunities from millions of data points created by the building management and lighting control systems; sub-metering and direct monitoring of air handling, fume cupboards and other equipment.

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