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#3974 SkyFoundry Announces Automated Data Replication for SkySpark Everywhere® Analytics-at-the-Edge

John Petze Tue 13 Nov 2018

We are excited to announce that SkyFoundry introduced automated replication today at the opening of our SkyPosium 2018 User Conference in Denver, CO. The replication feature enables databases from distributed SkySpark nodes to be automatically replicated to a central server or cloud platform for backup and high availability data access.

SkySpark Everywhere addresses one of the key challenges in implementing next generation IoT applications, which is the ability to move advanced analytics to edge devices and connect those devices together in a unified, seamless distributed computing system that can scale to thousands of nodes, millions of points, and trillions of data samples.

The introduction of SkySpark Everywhere in 2017 changed the game for IoT data analytics by embracing the reality that the IoT is a distributed computing challenge. The addition of automated replication takes SkySpark’s analytics-at-the-Edge technology to the next level. SkySpark's powerful visualization tools automatically leverage replicated data to ensure full user access to replicated databases even when those systems cannot be communicated with. Replication is available in SkySpark version 3.0.17, which is being released immediately after the SkyPosium event.

Read the SkySpark Replication Press Release here

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