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#3459 Realcomm Advisory - Start with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Fac...

Paul Bergquist Wed 21 Mar

We are excited to make you aware of a new Realcomm Advisory article by SkyFoundry's John Petze. Here's a quick overview of the main theme of John's article,

...Embarking on a project to apply data analytics to facility and equipment system data should be viewed as a process of exploration, very different from other investments commonly made by real estate professionals...

We tend to look at anything we do in the built environment as an engineering project – something that can be predefined down to the finest detail, and if executed correctly, will provide us with a known end result. For example, we design and construct a building, we design and install an HVAC system, or engineer the details of an equipment upgrade project. All these things can, and should, be ‘engineered’ in detail. We wouldn’t break ground to build a new facility without having completed the detailed engineering work to ensure success...

...Applying analytics to building system data is very different than other investments, and requires owners to look at these projects in a new way...

Find the Realcomm Advisory Article here

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