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#2505 Introducing SkySpark Everywhere - Now Apply SkySpark from the Edge to the Cloud

John Petze Wed 30 Nov 2016

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The World of Data Analytics for the Internet of Things, Buildings and Equipment Systems Just Changed...Forever

We are excited to formally announce the next generation of the SkySpark platform - SkySpark Everywhere. SkySpark Everywhere addresses one of the key challenges in implementing next generation IoT applications, which is the ability to disseminate data and computation between edge devices and server/cloud environments in a unified, distributed system. Now SkySpark technology works across distributed systems that can be scaled to thousands of nodes and millions of sensor and control points. SkySpark Everywhere can run in small, low cost embedded devices and across clusters of servers – from 2 to 1000’s of devices – all working together as a seamless unified system. Data collection, secure inter-node communications, analytics processing, visualization and reporting work everywhere across networks of connected nodes.

This issue of the Insider newsletter is dedicated to the new features and capabilities of SkySpark Everywhere. Find the Special Issue of the Insider at this link

Read the official press release on SkySpark Everywhere here: 

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