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#243 SkyFoundry Expands to China in Relationship with Institute of Building Environment and Energy Effici...

John Petze Thu 4 Oct 2012

SkyFoundry is honored to announce a new partnership with China's Institute of Building Environment and Energy Efficiency (IBEE). The IBEE, an institute of the prestigious China Academy of Building Research, was founded based on the integration of the Institute of Air-conditioning and the Institute of Building Physics in August 2006.

The IBEE focuses on the R&D of building environments, energy systems, energy efficiency, green buildings and intelligent buildings, addressing the key technical challenges of HVAC systems, lighting, and thermal performance. IBEE has already received 71 awards for their work, including 15 national-level awards. In addition, the IBEE is in charge of establishing engineering and construction standards for HVAC, building physics, building energy efficiency and building environments, and is also in charge of establishing and managing standards for HVAC equipment, air purification equipment and other energy related building systems. The standards work covers almost all aspects of building energy efficiency. To date, IBEE has released 152 standards, with an additional 37 standards under review.

This new partnership establishes IBEE as a SkyFoundry reseller partner in China. In this role the IBEE brings extensive capabilities and engineering talent to the application of analytics for improved facility performance.

The IBEE website is available here

Alper √úzmezler Thu 4 Oct 2012

Great news.

Russell Gasser Sat 6 Oct 2012

good news indeed - congratulations !

Jingyu Liu2 Mon 8 Oct 2012

Hello, everyone. We are very happy to join the "Skyspark" family. Hope we could expand skysparks to whole China. ------from IBEE China. liu jy

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