#7017 Simplifying Cloud Deployment - Introducing SkySpark® Cloud Native Infrastructure

John Petze – Tue 18 Oct 2022

We are excited to introduce SkySpark® Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI), a comprehensive suite of applications and tools to dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of enterprise-scale cloud deployment. SkySpark CNI provides unprecedented scalability for IoT solution providers to seamlessly manage the data from billions of sensors.

SkySpark CNI enables systems integrators to easily stand up and run SkySpark at enterprise-scale, without needing specialized DevOps skills and reduces cloud operating costs by optimizing the use of cloud provider services.

We highlighted this important new technology at our annual SkyPosium Worldwide User Community event with a live demonstration of a SkySpark system with 5 million sensor-data feeds and 5000 facility sites running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Learn more by reading the full CNI press release here