#6909 SkyFoundry Insider August 22: SkySpark Adds Comprehensive Map-based Navigation

John Petze – Wed 17 Aug 2022

SkyFoundry-Insider-SkySpark-adds Map-based-Navigation-cover-image

We are excited to announce the addition of map-based navigation to SkySpark. The new feature allows you to display Sites and their associated KPI’s directly on dynamic maps with bubble charts, bar charts and gauge widgets. You can now easily navigate to any and all site related information with a simple click on the dropdown menu. You will want to see the sample screen shots in this issue of the Insider to get a sense for the power of this new addition to SkySpark.

AND – the new Map feature is included as a standard part of SkySpark – at no additional cost! The Map Navigation feature will be available in the upcoming 3.1.5 release. Also in this issue :

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