#5404 SkyFoundry Announces All New Application that Takes Analytics from Identification to Resol.....

John Petze – Tue 20 Oct 2020

News from the SkyPosium 2020 User Community Event!

Today, SkyFoundry introduced a new SkySpark® application, that provides a full-function, workflow process solution optimized for the management of data analytics findings and responses. The application provides workflow management features that engage facility operators beyond conventional asset management and work order tools.

The application is designed to meet the unique needs of managing the results produced by data analytics, by providing operators with a simpler, more intuitive solution than conventional CMMS applications. The application is fully customizable and extendable, enabling customers to implement workflow processes that fit their specific needs.

The new workflow tool application is included with SkySpark® at no additional cost, and existing systems can be easily updated to add this new application.

Read the Press Release on the new SkySpark workflow App at this link