#5110 SkyFoundry Insider May 2020 - Chart Customization, Data Transformation Tools and Tariff Buil...

John Petze – Thu 16 Apr 2020


We are excited to publish the May issue of the SkyFoundry Insider newsletter. This Special Issue focuses on the major new features in SkySpark Release 3.0.24. This release dramatically enhances SkySpark ‘s data visualization tools for non-programmers with a suite of new “point and click” features and tools.

One of the most important additions is the introduction of Point-and-Click Chart Customization tools. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will want to read about these great new features. We have also added new “point and click” data importing and transformation tools that enable non-programmers to manipulate data files for easy import – again, all with no programming.

And, from the community we highlight a new Tariff Builder App Integrated with RateAcuity™ developed by Trove Consulting. It’s an amazing and comprehensive tool, and it’s built as a fully integrated SkySpark App.

Find the May 2020 Insider at this link

Happy reading!