#4417 SkyFoundry Recognized in Latest Harbor Research Report on Smart Cities – May 2019

John Petze – Mon 20 May 2019

FDD, energy management, smart cities, smart factories, M&V – the common theme is data. The applications for SkySpark are as diverse as the structures that make up the built environment itself. SkySpark provides the flexibility and features to address applications of all types because from day one we have designed it to be a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and performing analytics on all types of machine, device and IoT data.

Throughout the years SkySpark has achieved recognition for its technology and capabilities. Most recently, SkySpark was again identified by Harbor Research in their Information Architecture, Open Data, and the Future of Smart Cities report as “one of the new generation of software players taking advantage of converging computing trends to reshape information architectures for advanced IoT applications”.

Key to that recognition is SkySpark Everywhere’s distributed architecture, which allows data collection, storage, analytics and visualization to be performed at the edge in small low-cost IoT devices, on the cloud or in between. The flexibility and capability of SkySpark Everywhere is unequaled in the industry.

The most recent commentary adds to a long list of recognition and awards going back to 2011 when SkySpark won the Realcomm “Digie” Award for Best New Automation Technology and 2012 when SkySpark was selected as one of the two winners of IBM's "SmartCamp" North America, a global competition for technology companies using analytics and big data technology to drive innovation in a variety of industries including retail, transportation, buildings and energy.

We are proud to see SkySpark continue to be recognized for its industry leading capabilities and the results it provides for customers and applications of all types.