#4024 SkyFoundry Recognized for IoT Platform in Latest Harbor Research Technology Insight

John Petze – Sat 8 Dec 2018

In their latest Technology Insight, THE PROMISE & PROGRESS of SMART SYSTEMS & IoT PLATFORMS, Harbor Research reviews the marketplace for IoT software platforms as part of their assessment on the state of the market. We are excited and honored for SkySpark to be recognized as a leader by Harbor.

Here is a quick excerpt from the report:

“A handful of startups are accelerating the pace of development, catching larger established rivals off-balance and threatening fundamental shifts.” SkyFoundry is recognized as one of these companies. They go on to say - “Their strategies reflect the increasing importance of the convergence of distributed computing with open information architectures; the combination of these capabilities is a fundamental requirement to effectively enable large scale collaboration networks and ecosystems. These players understand enabling completely fluid information, interoperating devices, people and systems requires a simple, flexible, and universal schema that will make information truly portable in both physical and information spaces.”

Performing analytics on equipment systems is the most visible end result provided by SkySpark and forms most people’s view of what SkySpark is all about. But the capabilities of the SkySpark Everywhere platform go far deeper. The layers of technology that make SkySpark‘s advanced analytics possible form a comprehensive end-to-end, distributed computing software platform for working with IoT devices and their data. From connecting to diverse devices over multiple industrial and IT communication protocols, normalizing multi-structured device data with a schema-less, high-speed database, visualizing data, and performing analytics to monitor device health and the performance of the end application, SkySpark provides a comprehensive end-to-end IoT architecture.

Download the full Harbor Research report via this link

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