#3956 Why Analytics at the Edge Matters – Read the November Automated Buildings Article

Paul Bergquist – Thu 1 Nov 2018

The EDGE is becoming one of those over-hyped words, but the concepts are actually very simple, and important to our industry – especially in the application of analytics to the IoT and equipment systems.

When we talk about analytics at the “edge” we are referring to performing data acquisition and analytics functions as close to the data source as possible. For example, running SkySpark analytics on small IoT devices mounted directly on equipment systems or embedded within equipment controllers. The ability to run analytics at the Edge provides important benefits for many applications.

  • Greater reliability of data collection and reduced data latency
  • Isolation of Fieldbus Networks
  • Reduced data transfer costs and better performance on “constrained” networks
  • Improved application reliability and process continuity
  • Engineer data acquisition and tagging once

In this highly informative article SkyFoundry’s John Petze helps demystify the term and highlight specific benefits from applying analytics at the edge. Read the Automated Buildings article by John Petze here