Greener U

Greener U

GreenerU is a mission-driven company that collaborates with educational institutions to implement turnkey solutions to energy challenges. Our unique approach integrates building system improvements with behavioral programs in a way that is customized for each campus. We pride ourselves on helping our clients overcome a variety of barriers, going beyond analyzing and planning, to deliver desired outcomes.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • United States


GreenerU’s approach to submetering is to maximize value while managing cost and building impacts for the owner. GreenerU’s data analytics experience includes deployment in 275 buildings encompassing 14 million square feet on 15 campuses. GreenerU maximizes the use of building analytics by unlocking insight using a centralized data aggregation and display server and planning for the future by building on SkySpark, a scalable, open-protocol data analytics platform.