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SkySpark Overview Brochure.pdf 11-Jan-2018 12MB
Information Alchemy - Turning Operational Data Into Value.pdf 23-Feb-2012 4.4MB
Understanding the Data-Oriented Tools Available to Facility Managers.pdf 28-Oct-2013 5.3MB
SkySpark - Combining Full Programmability and Built in Analytic Functions.pdf 21-Mar-2018 3.9MB
Harbor Research - The Future of IoT Analytics.pdf 28-Nov-2016 1MB
SkySpark Everywhere Distributed Informatics Architecture - White Paper.pdf 17-Jan-2018 1MB
It Starts with Exploration: Rethinking Our Approach to Data Analytics.pdf 4-Jul-2018 2.6MB

Case Studies

Case Study: The Franklin.pdf 8-Jun-2018 422KB
Case Study: California State University, Dominguez Hills.pdf 8-Jun-2018 901KB
Case Study: GSA Portfolio.pdf 8-Jun-2018 805KB
Case Study: Altura - Connected Commissioning ASHRAE Journal.pdf 17-May-2018 646KB
Case Study: City of Kortrijk Takes Control of its Smart City.pdf 23-Feb-2018 2.5MB
Case Study: SkySpark® Analytics in Industrial Applications.pdf 15-Jan-2018 4.9MB
Case Study: University of California, Davis.pdf 1-Nov-2017 814KB
Case Study: MGM Resorts International.pdf 1-Nov-2017 639KB
Case Study: Sprint Headquarters.pdf 1-Nov-2017 709KB
Case Study: Salt Lake City Public Safety Building.pdf 1-Nov-2017 778KB
Case Study: BAM “Stroomversnelling” Advanced Analytics in Net-Zero Homes.pdf 17-Oct-2017 1.2MB
Case Study: Building Analytics Success Story - Sprint Headquarters.pdf 20-Jul-2017 793KB
Case Study: HRPPC by Control & Electric.pdf 7-Jun-2017 8.1MB
Case Study: Broadway Bldg Denver, Group 14.pdf 23-Jan-2017 1.2MB
Case Study: Banner Health - Reversing Energy Drift - ETC Group & Climatec.pdf 29-Jul-2016 1.2MB
Case Study: Sieben Energy - Monitoring Based Commissioning with SkySpark.pdf 9-Jun-2016 1.4MB
Case Study: Real World Example of the Power and Benefits of Analytics.pdf 9-Dec-2015 369KB
Case Study: Real World Example - Avoiding Demand Penalties.pdf 9-Dec-2015 304KB
Case Study: SkySpark Detecting Issues Causing Energy Waste in a School.pdf 9-Dec-2015 347KB
Case Study: Crown Melbourne - Driving Savings in an Entertainment Complex.pdf 9-Dec-2015 875KB
Case Study: SkySpark as a Tool for Commisioning.pdf 4-Dec-2015 333KB
Case Study: Using Analytics to Support Guaranteed Savings - Seiberlich Trane.pdf 19-Nov-2015 415KB
Case Study: SkySpark in an M&V Application.pdf 19-Nov-2015 562KB
Case Study: Real World Example - Application of Analytics in a Hospital.pdf 19-Nov-2015 775KB
Case Study: Solar Panel Analysis with SkySpark - BASSG.pdf 21-Jul-2015 879KB
Case Study: Improving Chiller Plant Operations with Analytics - Bueno Systems.pdf 12-Aug-2014 958KB
Case Study: Optimizing Performance at Bendigo Marketplace - Airmaster.pdf 12-Aug-2014 1.5MB
Case Study: Connected Building Commissioning - Altura Assoc.pdf 27-Jun-2014 609KB
Case Study: University Applies SkySpark as Part of MBCx Project.pdf 23-May-2014 947KB
Case Study: Providence Healthcare - Insuring Proper AHU Operation.pdf 4-Mar-2014 13MB
Case Study: Altura Brings Hilton Analytics-Driven Commissioning.pdf 3-Sep-2013 697KB
Case Study: Duke Realty -- Buildings Magazine Article PDF.pdf 2-Aug-2013 681KB
Case Study: Duke Realty -- Buildings Magazine Article Link.pdf 18-Jun-2013 228KB

SkyFoundry Insider Newsletter

SkyFoundry Insider June 2018 - SWIVEL and new Spark, KPI and Energy Apps.pdf 30-May-2018 1.9MB
SkyFoundry Insider Feb 2018 - Machine Learning, Tweeting, 1 Billion sq ft.pdf 17-Jan-2018 713KB
SkyFoundry Insider Sept 2017 - View Builder - A Special Issue.pdf 8-Sep-2017 4.4MB
Introducing SkySpark Everywhere - December 2016 Insider.pdf 19-Dec-2016 9.5MB
SkyFoundry Insider Sept 2016 - Case Studies From the Engineering Community.pdf 30-Aug-2016 4MB
SkyFoundry Insider April 2016 - The Data Center Issue.pdf 10-Apr-2016 8MB
SkyFoundry Insider December 2015 - Introducing Rate Modeler and Tariff Engine.pdf 19-Nov-2015 6.9MB
SkyFoundry Insider July 2015 - New Case Study, Awards, and 3.0 Preview.pdf 6-Jul-2015 6.2MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2015-03 - New Features, SNMP, HaystackConnect.pdf 23-Mar-2015 4.5MB
SkyFoundry Insider June 2014: New Charting, Reporting and SiteSpark Mobile.pdf 30-May-2014 4.7MB
SkyFoundry Insider Mar 2014: Visualizing and Understanding Your Data.pdf 10-Mar-2014 5.8MB
SkyFoundry Insider Jan 2014: Focus on Complimentary Apps and Services.pdf 27-Jan-2014 7.9MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2013-09-24 - SkySpark Adds Energy Star Support.pdf 24-Sep-2013 3.5MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2013-08-01 - Comparing Data-Oriented Tools.pdf 31-Jul-2013 5.2MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2013-06 -- New Tools to Visualize Analytic Results.pdf 5-Jun-2013 1.4MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2013-01 - 4000 Sites, Green Button, Haystack, 2.0.pdf 4-Feb-2013 2.6MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2012-12 - SkySpark In Action - More Success Stories.pdf 10-Dec-2012 2.6MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2012-07 - Getting Started with Analytics.pdf 11-Jul-2012 2.5MB
SkyFoundry Insider 2012-04 - Customer Success Stories.pdf 26-Mar-2012 5.1MB