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#4739 Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2019 Issue Published

John Petze Wed 30 Oct 2019


We are excited to inform our community of the release of the Fall 2019 issue of Haystack Connections magazine. This 6th issue of Haystack Connections echoes the central theme of the Haystack Connect 2019 conference – collaboration. Bringing a true, open-source development effort to the buildings industry which has historically been dominated by prescribed standards and proprietary technology, has been both rewarding and challenging. You can find the new issue of the magazine here

The central focus of Haystack is to enable software developers, system integrators, building owners and operators to easily use the data produced by the equipment, devices and sensors that make up the built environment. At its heart, therefore, Haystack is a software effort. When we look to the world of software, it's undeniable that open source movements have changed the landscape, solving problems no single manufacturer or supplier could have addressed on their own. There are some things in life, science and technology that “take a village” to address and Project Haystack is one of those. As an open source effort the results are directly correlated to the contributions and participation of the community.

The energy of the community was on full display in May, at the fourth biennial Haystack Connect Conference, which was a tremendous success and saw the community continue to grow with attendees from around the world, new working groups and adoption by more and more suppliers and service providers.

Industry understanding of the need for data interoperability has grown tremendously and adoption of Project Haystack is at an all time high. There could not be a better time to get involved in this important work.

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