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#3082 SkyFoundry Insider Sept 2017: View Builder - A Special Issue

John Petze Fri 8 Sep 2017

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We are excited to release the latest Insider newsletter. This issue focuses on View Builder one of the most important additions to SkySpark technology since its initial release in 2010. Find the Sept 2017 Insider at this link

One of the main features that has made SkySpark so successful is that it automatically creates rich visualizations of analytic results and operational data without requiring engineering effort to build displays. This capability was a break-through when first introduced and has eliminated countless hours of labor typically associated with creating graphical displays of equipment system data and analytic findings.

While users love the efficiency the automated apps provide, there is often a desire to create customized presentations of operating data and analytic findings. SkySpark’s new View Builder technology takes the next step in data visualization by enabling users to create their own visualizations, reports and fully interactive Apps without needing software development skills.

Lots of people are already utilizing View Builder since its release in July of this year - if you're not one of them this issue of the Insider will show you what you are missing. Find the Sept 2017 Insider at this link

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