#3394 SkySpark Deployed in Smart City Project in Kortrijk, The Netherlands

John Petze – Tue 20 Feb 2018

The West Flemish city of Kortrijk (75,000 inhabitants) is transitioning into a Smart City. The city will digitally manage, among other things, mobility, parking and energy. CimPro, SkyFoundry's Value Added Distributor for the Benelux region, has been commissioned to contribute to smart energy savings as part of the project. A uniform data approach and open software platform are an indispensable ingredient of the plan.

Monitoring building performance -- SkySpark analytics software "is used to improve the building performance. This program continuously monitors and analyzes the most important energy and climate parameters. This automatically provides insight into possible errors, the cause, the time, the duration and the consumption costs. It is even possible to predict problems and schedule preventive maintenance. If a boiler uses excessively much energy, it may be that a certain part is defective. By monitoring all relevant parameters in real time in the cloud, maintenance companies can tackle any problems directly."

Leak detection of fountains -- Not only buildings, but also works of art are connected to the system. In the past, water leaks on city fountains were only discovered upon receipt of the water bill. In the future, the water consumption of the fountains will be monitored and analyzed in real-time. When the consumption is higher than expected, maintenance technicians automatically receive a report with the data of the leaky fountain.

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